Benefits and Perks: Attracting Talent in the Modern Age

Attracting Talent

Remote work is more prevalent than ever. Hiring competition is no longer just local – with the new, post-COVID landscape, hiring competition has expanded in an unprecedented way.

Healthcare and a 401k alone will not give you a competitive edge. Offering strong, diverse benefits and perks can be crucial when hiring (and retaining) employees.

1. Parental leave 

While US companies are legally required to provide 12 weeks of maternity leave, more and more, companies are extending the amount of leave, or expanding leave to include fathers.

Research what level of parental leave your industry competitors are offering, and consider whether a lesser leave package might be limiting your hiring success.

2. Wellness initiatives

Wellness has become a thriving industry in recent years, especially in tech crowds. There are lot of niche wellness trends (ice swimming, anyone?), but also plenty of trends with broader appeal, as well as tried-and-true staples.

Some appealing wellness perks include gym memberships (on or off site), massage days, free blood work, comped flu shots, and yoga classes.

In addition to attracting talent, wellness initiatives can also help prevent burnout, and reduce use of sick time. Keeping staff rejuvenated and fresh can also boost productivity and morale.

3. Dog-friendly offices

Pet ownership skyrocketed during COVID lockdowns. Dog-friendly offices can attract employees who may otherwise have sought out remote work. Plus, having dog coworkers can boost morale, and makes for cute social media content.

Being dog-friendly comes with its own set of challenges. You’ll need a designated doggy area, and a scheduling tool to prevent over-crowding. If you can swing it, though, being dog-friendly can be an appealing perk.

4. Improved work-life balance

COVID lockdowns led many people to reassess their priorities. After spending time at home with families, many people came out of lockdown with a renewed interest in work-life balance.

Flexible hours are highly desirable to many employees. Consider which teams are tethered to regular working hours, and which teams aren’t. For teams that aren’t, you may want to consider allowing employees to work their weekly hours on their own schedule.

Even for teams that are restricted to certain working hours, allowing them to choose (or bid) for their specific days off, or for specific shifts, can go a long way toward attracting employees.

A more radical benefit being implemented more and more often is unlimited PTO. Lots of companies have found success in offering unlimited PTO – employees can take as much time off as they wish, so long as they’re meeting individual and team goals.

If unlimited PTO is too fringe, you can consider expanded PTO packages. The US is way behind many countries in its allocation of PTO. While you may think giving time off will cost the company, it’s actually more complex. More PTO means better rested, more loyal employees. So more PTO can mean more productivity and less turnover. 

Creating an employee referral program can be a powerful tool for attracting top talent to your organization. However, there are both hazards and rewards to consider before launching a referral program.

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