Improving the Hiring Process within GovCon, IT & Cyber Security

Improving the Hiring Process within Government Contracting Image

Managing the flow of information throughout the hiring process is an enormous undertaking. Government Contractors are faced with increasing pressure to succeed in Talent Acquisition under more complexity compared to commercial enterprise IT businesses. An Enterprise executive with the need to hire exceptional and highly qualified talent faces multiple challenges to source, hire, and retain the right people. However, within the commercial enterprise, the hiring landscape is vastly different compared to Government Contracting because, in the non-cleared world, executives write the job descriptions and are the key decision-makers in Talent Acquisition.

Within the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, we multiply hiring process complexity by including requirements for top security clearances, restrictive lifestyles, layers of job description and resumé obfuscation, contract lifecycle changes and recompetes, rigid contract requirements resistant to change, decision-makers in disparate organizations, and the beloved government "Red Tape." Just navigating this convoluted sequence increases opportunities for failure factorially and decreases the probability of Talent Acquisition success by the same proportion.

Most companies operating and providing services in the federal government market do not possess the necessary human resources, tools, processes, and best practices essential for repeatable mission success in attracting high-quality IT professionals. The trillion-dollar Federal/DoD IT industry is completely dependent on having the appropriate personnel for each task, yet to this day businesses solely rely mostly on ClearanceJobs.com, LinkedIn, third party general purpose ATS/CRM software, Excel, and legions of Recruiters to deliver top talent in a repeatable fashion and all while creating the highest quality candidate experience. Typically, these efforts do not play out as planned.