A Beginner’s Guide To Attracting Gen Z Talent

Gen Z Talent

1. Highlight your company’s values and impact

Gen Z are looking for more than just a paycheck – behind cultural forces like The Great Resignation is a desire not for no work, but for meaningful work.

Devote resources to making your company mission legible and concise. Share mission updates with the public, so applicants can get a good sense of their own potential to contribute. Use social media to highlight how different teams have progressed the mission, even (and maybe especially) those teams which seem further removed from actual production.

Gen Z is also more socially conscious than previous generations. So be sure to showcase company values, sharing initiatives and statistics pertaining to core matters such as sustainability and diversity. 

2. Consider transparent salaries

Having clear, objective parameters for starting salaries and raises can go a long way toward instilling trust in employees. Again, Gen Z are more socially conscious than previous generations – with this comes attention to fairness. Salary transparency can assure potential hires that pay decisions are fair and unbiased. 

3. Emphasize potential for growth and development

It can be difficult to attract strong talent, especially to entry-level positions. Gen Z are more educated than previous generations, and, naturally, are seeking a return on that investment.

One way to attract employees is to draw attention to career development opportunities. Highlight how often the company hires internally. Use social media to feature employees who have developed their skills and found their “home” within the company. And if you want to keep and motivate Gen Z employees, make sure teams have clear career maps with guidance on how they might work towards moving into different or higher up positions.

4. Design a strong employee referral program

While the above measures can certainly help attract Gen Z talent, the strongest workplace recommendation is always one from someone the potential applicant knows. And because the referrer knows their reputation is on the line, referrals are pre-vetted, and more likely to be successful.

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